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Do you share God's heart for the world?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Do you share God's heart for the world?

If you do, you will answer the call to be on

Christ's mission to make disciple makers

IF grace is the great differentiator of Christianity,

and faith is what brings grace it into fruition in Christ

and scripture is where we find these truths, all for the glory of God,

THEN we are compelled to share His story of pursuing grace.

Jesus said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… And behold, I am with you always…” — Matthew 28:18–20

So come be part of a conversation about HOW we can live out God's mission of redemption and restoration as we get trained to teach others the truth!

The church has had times where we have strayed away from God's truth - either by presuming upon His love, or by trying to work for it. That is why by grace alone through faith alonein Christalone according to scripture alone for the glory of God alone matters so much. And these are essentials to the mission of God.

Our Summer in the Solas series is helping us see what the fundamentals for what we believe are and why they matter. And this is growing us as we double-down on being a people TRAINED to TEACH God's Truth.

You can listen to|watch the Messages on our website or on iTunes.

IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN PERSON, please join us on our YouTube Channel:



21469 N. 78th Ave. Suite #150

Peoria, AZ 85382


See pictures and find out all about it HERE.

MUCH love! Let's be sure to get together! Don't let the enemy isolate you. We need to let our souls soak in the POWER we are sensing as we gather as His people. This is the just the beginning of His next new great thing His Spirit is doing in our midst. DON'T MISS IT.

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28


Live today for what matters FOREVER!

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