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I Still AM

How do we stay strong in the midst of the storm? By remembering that Christ is still the one who walks on the water.

The Reluctant Disciple

Why did Jonah run from God? Let's take a look at his heart in this 5 part series.

Here I AM

What role does the Holy Spirit play in the believer and in the church?

A Prepared People

Advent is a season of preparation. Are you prepared for His arrival?

The Cross-Centered Life

Is your life centered on the cross. This resurrection series is all about living the Cross-Centered Life.

Keys to Life

What are the keys to life?

Experiencing God

Do you want to know how to really experience all God has for you? Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby is the guide for this sermon series.

God with Us

Why do we celebrate Advent each year? This season we celebrate our Savior by remembering that God with Us brings us Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

The Makings and Markings of a Disciplemaker

The Makings and Markings of a Disciplemaker

Living Like Christ

What kind of life does the resurrection bring us? Christ's life lived through us!

Already Finished BUT Not Yet Done

What is the already but not yet? We live in the tension of the space of the already finished at the cross but the not yet accomplished of the 2nd coming.

Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church

What is your life built upon? The life of a mature disciple is built brick by brick on the cornerstone of Christ.

Ready Sent Go!

How did the early church get its power to change the world? In the promise of the Spirit.

The Ready Disciple

Join us in this walk through one of the first letters the Apostle Paul ever wrote to a church he loved dearly living in a time that didn't want to see them flourish.

Let's Get Real... and Get To WORK!

Let's Get Real... and Get To WORK!

Walking With Jesus Into a New Decade

How can we get better at not just doing stuff FOR Christ, but walking WITH Jesus?

Are You Ready For This?

The life of a disciple is meant to be hard. The hard is what makes it great. Are You Ready For This?

The Songs of His Blessedness

Do you see living the broken life as a blessing? The Songs of His Blessedness will help you see how.

Sent to Make Disciples

We are sent ones. But for what? Sent in service to our Savior