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Letting HIS Light Shine



By BEING in Community
By ENGAGING in the Call

CrossTrain Church exists to bring glory to God in spreading the gospel by training people to teach God’s truth in the context of redemptive community.


The way this mission is fulfilled is through relationship! 

    Love God = Connect to Christ

        Love People = Be in Community

            Make Disciples = Engage in the Call

                Plant Churches = Expand the Kingdom


The two things we value most in walking with others as we walk with Christ are:


1. The WORD of God as the primary redemptive power to guide the souls of people. 


2. The FAMILY of God (or church) as the primary redemptive plan for the world. 

We believe the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to transform the 
People of God and unite the Family of God into the image of the
Son of God so that we might reveal the glory of God 
to see people come into the Kingdom of God.

Our calling as disciples of Christ in CrossTrain

Here are the 5 STRENGTHS we see as essential to being a mature trainer:

Word Centered — Reading - Reflecting - Responding to the Word of God daily

Prayer Directed — Prayer and Fasting as a regular habit of life

Discipleship Driven — Walking in Word-centered relationships 

Service Oriented — Serving as God’s gathered people

Mission Focused — Engaged in the mission to make disciples and plant churches

Our commitment at CrossTrain Church

Create the space (setting |structure) that can be used to facilitate discipleship training

Foster the Gospel-Community that shows and shares the presence of Christ

Provide the leadership shepherding that is sacrificial, service oriented and shapes hearts

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