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Who or what controls you?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

We are all being influenced, all the time— by our world, by the schemes of Satan, and by our flesh. Everyone, even the aitheist, has a 'master'.

But as followers of Christ, we have the power of the Spirit in us to live above all of that IF we will live under the influence of the Spirit.

How do you know what has mastered you? Fundamentally, look at what you do!

In Romans, the Apostle Paul lays our God's Plan of Salvation in great detail. He tells us what the problem is, what God has done about it, and what our role is supposed to be.

Brothers and sisters, now more than ever the gospel calls us to live consistently with what we say we believe and like the One Who we claim to follow.

The call to follow Christ is a call to die!

How do we know? It is what Christ did!

So are you ready to let go of your life and gain everything?

For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace. — Romans 6:14

We are a people committed to training to teach God's truth.

The BEST way to make that happen is to get God's Word into you as you get into God's Word!

Here are readings to help you do just that this week!

Daily Readings

Sunday’s Teaching — Romans 6.12–18

Monday – John 11.1–27

Tuesday – John 11.28–37

Wednesday – John 11.38–44

Thursday – Luke 6.20–49

Friday – John 14.15–27

Saturday – Galatians 5.16–26

Sunday’s Teaching — Romans 6.19–23

OYB – 2 Kgs 24, 2 Chron 36, Jeremiah 22–35, Daniel 1–3, Obed 1–21

Get the short In the Word Today devotional written for each day's reading. The email gets sent out early each morning.

The sign up form is on the bottom of the home page of our website.

It's all you need to participate in our D-Groups (small groups)!

The Word of God, the Holy Spirit, and some way to record what God reveals to you in your time with Him.

You can LISTEN TO|WATCH the message in many formats.

MUCH love.

Keep looking UP! — Luke 21.28


Live TODAY for what matters FOREVER!

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