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Where's your hope been?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Therefore comfort one another with these words. — 1 Thessalonians 4.18

So much of what we see happening, even within the churhc is due to misplaced identity centered around hope in the wrong things. So what is the solution?

The Apostle Paul believed, and lived believing, that it is only in remembering that Jesus has gone to prepare a place and will return to bring us home, that we can live here and now in victory.

Bring someone with you on this journey with Jesus.

What can prayer do? All that God wills!

Please join us at 10am!!!


If you cannot yet physically gather, your church is trying to help you stay connected: Check your emial for the ZOOM LINK. And We are also Live-Streaming on our YouTube Channel. Go to the Weekly Resources Page to get all of the above and the Connecting Points, Bulletin, and Kid's Connect. You can also get our D-Group Reading Plan.

It looks like the LORD has answered our prayers and we will be able to stay in our current location until at least the end of NOVEMBER!!!!

And remember that we have an amazing opportunity to be a BLESSING and shine the LIGHT of the GOSPEL!

Our Costa Rica Money is DUE TOMORROW!!!

See you tomorrow Lord willing!

MUCH love!

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28


Live today for what matters FOREVER!

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