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What's a Mid-Week Check-up?

This is the first week of our D-Groups, and I pray you are being impacted by what the Gospel of Matthew is pulling you both to and through! It is the sincere heart of your leadership to facilitate the space to engage in transparent fellowship to gel us closer together as disciples of Christ through this season! Each week through the Advent season there will be a Zoom meeting Thursday nights from 6:30p - 7:30p. The purpose is to stimulate the pathways the D-Groups will explore and to connect ONE Spirit in ONE Mind through ONE Savior in ONE Church! Participate and enrich your personal and family time chasing the Savior's mission. Invite people over from your neighborhood and experience His abundant life for you!

For Him! — Jeff Daukas

"Until we see life as a war, we will not know what prayer is for!"

THE ZOOM LINK WAS EMAILED OUT. If you didn't get it, contact Jeff Abney at

Blessing upon blessing to you!

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