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What do you know about the Kingdom?

Matthew is the first gospel account in the New Testament. Do you ever wonder why? He is continuing the story of the King and His kingdom that was being told since the garden. And he does so beautifully, richly and powerfully. Come and see.

This week we begin our discussion through the book of Matthew, and we ask...

"Why should I pray, 'Thy kingdom come?'"

Join us for a Meal together too.

Our gatherings are different than any church you've been to! Come and see!

We gather to worship and be equipped for the mission.

"Come and see..." what God has to say about the things that can cause us all to doubt.

And bring someone new who needs to be part of this conversation.

This time talking about "What Christians Believe" is for all of us.

We are a safe place to ask questions and get answers.

You can listen to|watch the Messages on our website or on iTunes or Spotify.

IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN PERSON, please join us on our YouTube Channel OR ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

21469 N. 78th Ave. Suite #150

Peoria, AZ 85382


I have enjoyed our summer study and how it helped equip us with answers to the basic questions of what and why we believe. But truthfully, nothing does that better than daily walking with Jesus through His Word. So I am VERY EXCITED to get back into a book of the Bible— and doubly excited that this book is a gospel where we can so clearly walk with Him. Trust me, with everything going on in the world and your world, there is nothing souls need more than to see, and soak in, the Savior of the world. And that is what we will do together. Looking forward to Sunday with you.

MUCH love!


Let's live to make MUCH of Him!

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