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What are you aiming at?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin. — James 4:17

This Sunday, after a four month break, we are finally back in the amazing Book of James. This practical letter is filled with timeless truths about how we are to walk in WITHness with Christ. Tomorrow we will pick it up in Chapter 4:11–17 as, together, we look at:

In this powerful passage James will show us that, in order to be aiming at the right target, we must live lives point to the right things.

We have spent time over the past 4 months fixing our eyes on Jesus, the One who still is the Great I AM. We have walked in the power of the Holy Spirit as His Spirit testifies with our spirit - Here I AM. We have regathered in a new and soul-refreshing way in our flow of worship in our Sunday gatherings. And now we will keep fixing our eyes on Christ and keep walking in His Spirit's power as we see how He has prepared and equipped us to fulfill the mission He has gifted us and knit us together to complete.

As Kingdom people living in Kingdom power for Kingdom glory, we desire to be strengthened in and through the mission He has called us to:


Come be a part of something you may have never seen before in a Sunday gathering! The Holy Spirit is moving in our midst.

If you cannot yet physically gather, your church is trying to help you stay connected: Check your emial for the ZOOM LINK. And We are also Live-Streaming on our YouTube Channel. Go to the Weekly Resources Page to get all of the above and the Connecting Points, Bulletin, and Kid's Connect

The message will be uploaded to the Messages Page of the website by Monday as well.

We will continue to follow the physical distancing guidelines you all practiced wonderfully this past weekend. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THEM HERE.

In addition to joining us this Sunday, please be aware of and PRAYING FOR THE FOLLOWING items concerning our faith family:

  • Our landlord (Southwest Indian Ministries) has continued to honor the exemption in the Governor’s recent proclamation for our gathering at their facility. Pray they continue to keep this line of thinking.

  • S.W.I.M. cannot guarantee that we will be able to continue to use their facility in August and beyond. This is because Redemption Church is looking to move onto the entire campus.

    • Although Kerry and I are still looking for other options, as of right now, there are NONE.

    • PLEASE BE IN PRAYER that God would lead us to see how He will provide.

    • If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them.

  • We have canceled the Water Slide Fun Day for July 12th. We are looking at other dates/options but without knowing where we could be in August, this is hard to plan for.

  • Pray for the Marriage Retreat on July 24-25.. THERE ARE 40+ COUPLES REGISTERED! Praise the LORD! 🙏🏻

See you tomorrow Lord willing!

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28


Live today for what matters FOREVER!

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