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Walking WITH Jesus and one another in the Word

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We believe that Jesus IS the Word.

We believe that Jesus is revealed in the Word.

We believe that His Word is living and active.

We believe the Word is sharper than a sword and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, able to teach us all we need to live in godliness and to be equipped for every good work.

We believe the Word of God is breath for the spirit and food for the soul.

So we believe that we need to



D-Groups and D-Group readings begin THIS WEEK

I cannot wait to see what He reveals to us as we journey through the Old Testament with Jesus and one another. Share your stories about about walking in His story! Let’s encourage one another all the more as His Day draws near.

Here are this week’s readings:

Daily Reading

Genesis 1

Genesis 2

Genesis 3

Genesis 7

Genesis 8

John 1 (Or use as a day to catch up)

Sunday’s Teaching — Nehemiah 2.9–20

Here is a GREAT RESOURCE to help you make sense of the story:


We are letting the Holy Spirit lead people into groups that can look very different. Groups can be — Men | Women | YA | Young Marrieds | Old couples like me and Kerry. :-). You can share or prepare meals together or even do them around a hobby like hiking! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! All you need is a Bible and a journal and the power of the Holy Spirit to open the spiritual eyes of your heart. We provide the Daily Readings — handout | Bulletin (on the web) | emailed out each morning. Your D-Group will provide the encouragement and accountability you need. And sharing insights with one another will keep you excited to read more. You can even do multiple groups - for example you could be in one with others and with your family and the conversation will be completely different.

All we ask is that the D-Group participants do the following things:

  • Do the Daily Readings then reflect, respond and record it in some way (journal)

  • Be ready to share what the Holy Spirit has shared with you with your group

  • Memorize the passage provided together each week

  • Provide support, encouragement and accountability to one another

  • Consider how you could facilitate a group in the future

If you need help figuring out how to connect to the D-Group, want to lead or host a group, email me at

Keep looking UP! — Luke 21.28


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