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The Seder is God's Savior Story

“Say, therefore, to the sons of Israel, ‘I am the LORD, and [1] I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and [2] I will deliver you from their bondage. [3] I will also redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. ‘Then [4] I will take you for My people, and I will be your God...” Exodus 6:6-8

Did you know that God has only ever been telling ONE story. It is a story of pursuing and redeeming and restoring GRACE through His Son Jesus Christ. And 1400 years before Christ's first coming, God taught His people to BE PREPARED!

This Sunday, Palm Sunday, we will gather together for this ONCE A YEAR service to see our Savior in the Seder. DON'T MISS THIS ONE.

We will share a table with those you choose to sit with

and walk through the Passover story

taking the elements and drinking from the 4 cups.

And this year, we will also eat a meal together during the Seder time.

(Sub sandwiches and chips will be provided)

Remember, we will start the Seder right at 10am.

We will eat around 11:30 and finish around noon.



You can listen to and watch the past Messages on our website or on iTunes.

IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN PERSON, please join us on our YouTube Channel:


The LORD has answered our prayers and we will be able to stay at our current location until our 'more permanent home' is completed. We will move into a smaller space on the property beginning in April. This is a blessing from the Lord considering a year ago we had NO PLACE to gather.

Pray for the City of Peoria to approve out simple plan for the space in supernatural time.

MUCH love! Remember, the POWER of His presence is among His gathered people.

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28


Live today for what matters FOREVER!

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