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The road through Romans begins!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


Righteousness Revealed

in the Gospel of Romans
A walk through Paul’s letter to the Romans—

his grand treatise on the gospel of the grace of God.

In 2022 we will spend more than 30 weeks (with a few built-in breaks) in this amazing epistle. It has much to say about WHY we see all we see happening in our world today.

And, more importantly, it tells us IN GREAT DETAIL what God has done about it!

Your knowledge of God, your love for Christ, and your ability to share the good news of the gospel will grow as we go through this book of the Bible together.

And join our "Sunday Evening Guided Discussion" time at 6:00p to dig a little deeper into what is being shared at our gathering on Sunday morning.

Here is a schedule through Resurrection Weekend:

The Rejection of Righteousness

1/23— Does the Church Need the Gospel? ~ 1.1-17

1/30— Are You Ashamed of the Gospel? ~ 1.16–17

2/06— How Broken Are We? ~ 1.18–32

2/13— Why Does a Loving God Judge? ~ 2.1–2.24

2/20— What’s With All the Rules? ~ 2.25–3.8

2/27— Who is Guilty Against God? ~ 3.9–20

3/06— 11 Years of Faithfulness ~ Anniversary Sunday

The Imputation of Righteousness

3/13— Can We Be Justified in What We Do? ~ 3.21–31

3/20— What is the Power of a Promise? ~ 4.1–25

3/27— Is There Anyway to Find Peace? ~ 5.1–11

4/3— Are You Ready to be Brought to Life? ~ 5.12–21

4/10— Seder Meal

4/17— Resurrection Weekend

Here are the major areas that will be covered:

The Rejection of Righteousness— Romans 1.1–3.20


The Imputation of Righteousness— Romans 3.21–3 5.21

March–April (with a break during the Resurrection Season)

The Reign of Righteousness— Romans 6.1–7.25

May–July (with a break for a short summer study)

The Source of Righteousness— Romans 8.1–11.36


The Evidence of Righteousness— Romans 12.1–16.27


The Advent Season— HOPE, LOVE, JOY, PEACE

This will be the MOST IMPORTANT teaching our church as undertaken in almost 11 years. And that is not just hyperbole— Romans will mold us into Christ's glorious image if we will be open to and sit under its teachings. PLEASE PRAY ALONG WITH ME FOR GOSPEL-IMPACT on hearts, lives, marriages, families, friendships and our fellowship.

MUCH love!


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