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Thank you for the Cross Lord...

Let us linger at the foot of the cross and let ourselves lament a little.

My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me... - Psalm 22:1 and Matthew 27:46

Join us on a journey to the cross as we let ourselves linger there and lament a little.

Like a GREAT EXCLAMATION POINT on God's love story to us in the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Our 45 minute journey uses sweet songs, scripture meditations, and imagery to help us look to the Lamb of God who washes away our sins. It will be available for viewing later this afternoon Lord willing.

Resurrection Sunday Service — “Recognizing Christ’s Glory

I pray you are taking advantage of ALL the resources we are making available online to help you WORSHIP on Sunday:

  • Weekly PRE-SERVICE WORSHIP IN PRAYER from 9:30-10am (check you email for Zoom Link invitation).

  • MUSIC — the Music Team is uploading 3-4 songs with lyrics each week. You can play this recording by going to our Cornerstone Church AZ YouTube channel. I know your soul will be nourished and your heart prepared to hear His Word.

  • LEAD HELPS — (under Handouts) this document has a suggested flow, Bible readings, additional discussion questions, etc. I want to PERSONALLY CHALLENGE THE MEN in our FRamily to download this resource and PLAN YOUR FAMILY WORSHIP time with your spouse, your kids, whomever the Spirit has you leading.

  • CONNECTING POINTS - has all the usual ingredients: Daily Readings, Prayer Pointers, Table Talk Questions

  • BULLETIN - stay up to date on all that is happening

  • KID’S CONNECT - help keep your kids focused on the Lord

  • MESSAGE - via the church Message Page or directly from Cornerstone Church AZ YouTube channel.

My dear Faith Family, your willingness to step into this space will take our worship time to a whole new level. And BEYOND THAT, I truly believe that if we will use this God-created time well, it will take us to an entirely new place as the People of God called Cornerstone Church when we are all able to gather once again. We DON’T want to just 'ride this thing out' and be who we were before it started. NO! That would be to waste what He is trying to do to prepare His Bride and make her ready for His return. We want to become that bride! So let us make the most of the time He is giving us.

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise. — Hebrews 10:23

That GLORIOUS DAY is ever approaching. Let’s KEEP LOOKING UP! (Luke 21:28)

My shepherd’s heart misses you greatly!

MUCH love!

Pastor Doug

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