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Stepping into this Sunday's glorious mess

Take a break and listen to what our sweet sister Jolene shares about stepping into the uncomfortable space the Holy Spirit is creating in our midst. Your soul will be blessed! I guarantee it.


Our desire is that we would all be participants IN, and not simply spectators OF, what the Spirit is doing in and through us. We are simply creating space to help that happen.

Although hard to break out of in our American 'movie-goer' model of attending church, you have FREEDOM in Christ to move in and out of these experiences each Sunday as you feel led. TRULY. This is exactly how the church gathered for hundreds of years.

10:00am - Worship in Prayer

(Prayer for our hearts, the church, other churches, each other, healing)

10:30am - Calling Passage, Pastoral Prayer, Praise

(Music, Gospel Moment, Body Life, Calling)

11:00am - Teaching/Discussion Time

(Teaching from God’s Word with time to talk at tables)

11:40am - Communion

(Prayer, Music, and the Lord's Table)

11:55am - Sending

12:00pm - Fellowship 

(Place for Bible/Book Study, Prayer, Craft, Games, Bring a lunch)

*All times are approximate - Tear Down at 1:00pm (We could use your help!)

We are ZOOMING LIVE for our services and on YouTube. 

We are also recording and uploading the Sunday message by early in the week.

In lieu of a 1st Sunday Fellowship, if you would like to BRING LUNCH FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, please plan to stay and eat with one another this weekend.

NEXT SUNDAY, June 14th, we will be providing hotdogs 🌭, chips, water bottles and snow ❄️ cones at Noon. So invite someone to come be part of something different as we step into this glorious mess together.

MUCH love!


Some pictures of where we will gather through June.

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