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Stay up-to-date and stay connected!

One of the things we have been saying since this whole thing started is, "We don't just want to get through this time, but make the most of it." And, due to the hard work and faithfulness of Daniel Sidler and Brandy Daukas, the improvements that have been made to our communications and website over the past 3 months are WONDERFUL EXAMPLES of doing just that! And these are all things that the Lord will use to help us fulfill the mission and further His Kingdom as we, TOGETHER, reveal His glory.

Take 5 and walk through all of the new things that have been added to our website during this unique time we have had to learn new ways to share life together. Stay up-to-date and stay connected to the FRamily. —doug

This time where we were forced to move everything online for a season, even our teaching, has shown us all how much online communication matters. The collective heart of your church leadership is to keep you updated and encouraged as we navigate still uncertain times. Many great changes have been made to our email communication and website as well. A blog is now available to be a repository for news and event information. A weekly resources page was added while we watched service on YouTube. That feature is still helpful as some folks still need to be watching Sunday services remotely.

Now that we are gathering again in person, we realize that getting multiple pieces of paper on Sunday morning can be ineffective and overwhelming. We have migrated much of the information and details that would have previously been in a paper bulletin to our website. Instead of looking for the insert you received that may have gotten lost or thrown away, all pertinent information for upcoming events will be available in one place. We now have an E-Bulletin. This new “living” document, along with the news blog and our online church calendar, will allow for the data to be saved and accessible whenever you need it. We have attempted to make this information easy to find on the website with two very large “click here” buttons on the homepage. See the attached video for a walkthrough of the website and its features. We hope these tools are useful to you and we welcome any and all feedback!

Thank you.


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