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Sharing the Gospel and Our Lives: May 2023

See the original post with some GREAT IMAGES of our recent trip & LINKS to their ministry by clicking HERE

Sharing the Gospel and Our Lives: May 2023

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

Hola Famigos!

Before embarking on his missionary journey to India, William Carey famously told Andrew Fuller, “I will go down into the pit if you will hold the ropes.” Words cannot express how thankful we are to have brothers and sisters in Christ holding the ropes atop the pit. We are even more blessed to have welcomed a small team from CrossTrain Church to spend a weekend with us down in Puerto Peñasco.

The team had the opportunity to take part in a build and see all of the ministries that i6eight leads in the community.

As CrossTrain is our sending church, we have shared many stories about the things that were going on, so we were incredibly excited to get to introduce them to the locals who have been faithfully serving the Lord. It was fun to be able to put faces to names and show them first-hand what the Lord is doing.

The trip was a blessing for the CrossTrain team, but it was also an incredible blessing for us.

We are far from home, and even though technology allows us to feel much closer than we are, nothing can replace being face-to-face with your family. CrossTrain likes to use the term Framily, or friends that are close enough to feel like they are family.

To extend William Carey's illustration, it was a great encouragement to have our Framily come down into the "pit" to help us for the weekend. When they pulled up to base camp, tears sprang to our eyes upon seeing them. We cannot express our thankfulness enough to have so many people in our corner, "holding on to our ropes."

Most of the team members had been down to Mexico with another organization that focuses on building houses. They had also been following us on social media and reading our newsletters.

Everyone that came said that being here in person was different and more than they had expected.

If you would like to come down and see first-hand the work that the Lord is doing here in Puerto Peñasco, reach out to us. Whether you come for a build weekend or you just to come and visit us at Pan de Vida,

Receiving short-term missionary teams is always a blessing for us that are in the field full-time. Paul, the Apostle, often mentions in his letters to the various churches how much he would like to visit them as well as how important it was for him to receive visitors.

In the same way that i6eight receives the care of short-term missionaries, they also send out a team of locals every year to a remote location here in Mexico. This year, the Amor Sin Fronteras team (Love without Borders) is going to visit a handful of young churches up in the mountains of Oaxaca where indigenous tribes are being reached. We will be teaching four workshops on Expository Bible Preaching, hosting 2 kids camps, and visiting 40 homes to deliver groceries and prayer support in remote locations.

Our trip is coming up soon, from the 22nd of May through the 30th of May.

Pray for us as we go to Oaxaca. Please pray for safe travels and that the Gospel will go forward as a result of this trip.

Reflection Question: Is there anything that you are in need of prayer support in? Do you have a community of brothers and sisters to support you? Are you sharing your burdens with them and taking their burdens upon yourself?

Prayer Needs:

1. We leave for a short-term mission trip with 10 other members from i6eight to Roca Blanca Mission Base (where we went to Spanish school) in Oaxaca, Mexico. We will be gone from May 22nd through May 30th. Please pray that the Lord would be glorified and that the Gospel would go forth through our expository preaching workshops in 4 pueblos, our youth events, and our grocery delivery/prayer visits. Please pray that we would shepherd our own hearts and those of our team. Please pray that we would live in the Spirit during our long days of overnight travel.

Sharing the Gospel and our lives,

Entregándoles no solo el evangelio de Dios sino también nuestra propia vida,

Taylor and Fahren Sterrett

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