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Restoreth my soul O LORD...

A Message from Pastor Doug

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul... — Psalm 23:1–3

Yesterday I did something I had put off for too long in all the mayhem happening around us — I took a 'day off' and took my family out to be together and be with God in His creation. Shame on me for letting three weeks fly by before I did so.

Yes, it has been a busy time for the church; trying to make weighty decisions, get things in place to help us stay in some semblance of community, and encourage the flock among us in new ways. But I am no more busy than any of you, and those are all excuses for how I choose to fill my time. So what is my point?

In many ways this 'social distancing' is giving us permission to be still, to sit and seek the Savior. So are we? Are we taking advantage of this unique, God-orchestrated season, to be with Him and with our families? Or, like me, are you so addicted to being busy you struggle to settle down. Maybe that is part of your uncomfortableness with being asked to 'stay at home...'? You are uncomfortable being still and quieting your soul, for perhaps He might speak.

Faith Family, our Good Shepherd is leading us on His path. And this path leads to greener pastures, to stiller waters, and to SOUL RESTORATION.

So let us embrace the stillness TOGETHER. Whatever that may look like.

MUCH love!

Pastor Doug

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