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Recapping our Re-Gathering

Our first 2 weeks Re-Gathering have been beyond anything we can imagine. The number of people coming, the temporary location we have been provided, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the space that the Spirit has created and moved into for our flow of worship. Come see for yourself. You have never seen church like this.

I CANNOT TELL YOU how excited I am to see what Jesus has led us into. In a time when our souls have been through SO MUCH in 3 months, it has been reinvigorating to not just get back together, but do it differently than we have ever done it. We have always believe that a faith family is a place where you gather not simply to spectate but to participate, BUT NOW we are providing a space for the Spirit to do just that in our midst.

We started praying for revival in March of 2019 — that it would look like this:

And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness. - Acts 4:31

We rearranged our Sunday service times to place more emphasis on PRAYER and FELLOWSHIP. And we have been growing into that in such great ways. But now the Spirit has really stretched us! Something we started more than a year ago, and God used our 11 weeks away to refine — and is still refining as TOGETHER we seek His face — is now being seen and sensed in His presence in our gathering in new ways.

He has led us to create a seamless time of prayer, music, praise, confession, teaching, discussion, communion and fellowship from 10a-12p, sitting around tables in our current location where we will be until at least the end of June, perhaps longer.

If you, or someone you know, has been looking for a gathering of God’s people that isn’t about a show to watch, but provides a space to experience the one another relationships His Holy Spirit creates, I know you will be excited to be with us. If you want to be in a gathering that you have a chance to truly belong, participate in, pray and be prayed for — by the abundant grade of God, Cornerstone has become that.

This Sunday we gather again and things will undoubtedly yet again be a little different and exciting as we see what the Spirit does with our time together finishing Acts chapter 4. And afterward we are providing Hot Dogs, Chips and Snow Cones. So invite someone who needs to see how God’s gathering can be. I bet you have never seen 'church' like this.

MUCH love!



10:00am - Worship in Prayer & Song

(Music and Prayer to expand our hearts for the church, other churches, each other, healing)

10:30am - Calling Passage, Pastoral Prayer, Praise

(Music, Gospel Moment, Body Life, Calling)

11:00am - Teaching/Discussion Time

(Teaching from God’s Word with time to talk at tables)

11:40am - Communion

(Prayer, Music, and the Lord's Table)

11:55am - Sending

(We gather to go out in His power to be His glory-revealers)

12:00pm - Fellowship 

(Place for Bible/Book Study, Prayer, Craft, Games, Bring a lunch)

*All times are approximate - Tear Down at 1:00pm (We could use your help!)

We are ZOOMING LIVE for our services and on YouTube

We are also recording and uploading the Sunday message by early in the week.

SUNDAY, June 14th, we will be providing hotdogs 🌭, chips, water bottles and snow ❄️ cones at Noon. So invite someone to come be part of something different as we step into this glorious mess together.

Some pictures of where we will gather through June.

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