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An encouragement from Brian Tuten - Deacon, Prayer

I don’t understand why you pray at all. I believe in Jesus and spend time learning about Him through God’s word. That should be enough. It is not like God hears your prayers and especially does not answer them,” said my friend.

I replied, “Prayer is more about having a relationship with someone.”

As parents, we desire relationship with our kids. We spend time talking with them. We also listen to their hearts around all things important to them. Our Father in heaven wants that same type of intimate relationship with us. He longs to spend time with us and hear our hearts. He enjoys it when we tell Him about our needs and He always answers, though it may be in ways we do not understand or expect.

My friend responded, “Do what works for you, but to me it sounds like a waste of time. I do not believe God answers prayer.”

Why do we pray?

Does God really hear us?

I don’t hear back from the Lord when I pray, does He hear me and just not talk back?

Does God really answer prayer?

All of these questions are great ones that most of us have asked ourselves at some point along our journey with the Lord. I love that the Lord is big enough to handle these questions and any others too. He longs to be asked, so start the conversation. Each one of these you can ask the Lord to answer and then pray for eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand as He replies.

The Lord chose to answer my friend’s questioning heart in a special and tender way on two separate miraculous occasions.

In one, a group of us were together as a rain storm was approaching. My friend and I had just been talking about God answering prayer. I suggested we pray that the rain would come, but we would not get wet. My friend said that was impossible! Our God is the God of impossible and He loves to encourage us in fun ways. The storm came right up to us, then split going around us on both sides. We were in the center of the storm with a beam of light shining down upon us. My friend just stood with mouth wide open. God loves you and longs to be in fellowship with you.

Another time, we were in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We were low on water with the sun blazing hot and no cloud in the sky. It was time to hike out, so we prayed for a cloud. A cloud came and followed us across the open desert until we were back under the cover of the trees. Here is a video from that experience:

God answered in those ways to help me and my friend grow faith in the Lord and to see the benefit of prayer.

Prayer moves the arm that moves the world. Oh, that we would just grasp hold of such divinely beautiful power. - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Keep asking questions.

Keep praying or start praying.

Then get ready as the Lord prepares His answer in His timing.

Blessings in Christ,

Brian Tuten, Deacon - Prayer Ministry

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