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Prayer Hike to prepare for 2023

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Prayer Hike to bring in the new year!

Let’s go into 2023 by gathering together for a 3, 6, or (maybe) 9 mile hike at Thunderbird Park. Join us as we reflect on God’s faithfulness and look forward to all He has in store for us in the coming year!

WHO: Anyone able-bodied enough to join in - men, women, boys, girls, young, old - WE ARE FRAMILY!!! Let’s be together.

WHEN: Saturday, December 31st at 8:00am

WHERE: Thunderbird Park - parking lot off the west side of 59th Ave. north of Deer Valley Road [This is the entrance as the road goes over the mountain and becomes Pinnacle Peak.] WHY: To be together, walk together, talk together, meditate on the Word together, pray together, reflect on the past year’s blessing, and look forward to the coming year’s adventure with Jesus!

WHAT: A 3, 6, or (maybe) 9 mile hike.

There are 3 separate 2.5-3 mile loops [approximate distances] that leave from that general parking area.

Each loop goes to the top of a separate peak [the approximate elevation change is 1000 for each of the peaks].

Each loop will take approximately 1¼ - 1½ hour.

HOW: Any amount of the 3, 6, or 9 miles you feel comfortable with & in the strength of our Lord.

You can do 1, 2, or all 3 peaks.

We will leave from the parking lot for the first loop at 8:00am.

We will stop at the top of each peak and gather to pray.

We will return to our starting point in the parking lot and, for those wanting to do the next peak head back out.

Again, you can do 1, 2 or 3 loops depending on what you have time for on New Year’s Eve.


Maybe your THEME Verse for 2023— or favorite verse.

Comfortable and broken in walking shoes - sturdy tennis shoes are OK. Hiking boots are not needed.

Layered clothing. It will be cool when we start and warm when we finish.

At least 1-2 quarts of water PER PERSON. We can refill at each break between the loops when we return to the parking lot. So bring extra water to leave in your car.

Healthy energy giving snacks

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO GO INTO NEW YEAR!!! Hope to see you there for some or all of this FRamily event.


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