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On Mission WITH the King!

Greetings CrossTrain family! We are quickly heading into the Christmas season and what a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss Jesus as a family! We’ll be sending out an extra message or two not related to the family ministry verses with ideas of how, as a family, we can be using everything around us to point to Jesus this season, so be on the lookout! We spent the last week discussing what the life of a believer looks like. We saw that when we are saved, we are sealed by his spirit and brought to new life so that we produce fruits. We are saved for good works. This week we’re going to learn what our mission is as followers of Christ and why we ought to take it seriously.

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been give to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching the to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:18-20

Why this verse? Well, there are two big reasons. First, Jesus unmistakably declares that He is King and has authority over all things… ALL THINGS. All things in heaven and all things in earth. There is nothing outside his rule and dominion. All of creation is called to bow the knee and obey him as King, most of all his children. Second, he makes it very clear and simple what we are to be doing in our time here on earth. We are to be about making disciples. And how is this done but by teaching His word and gospel truth, the same one we have been learning about this year in these memory verses. It is through this and relationship with people that we make disciples. And THIS IS WHY we have been taking this year to learn his word, his promise, his good news, and his commands. God has placed each one of us, young and old, in unique places unlike anyone else. We are in those places to spread his gospel. Our mission field is our school, work, home, neighborhood, baseball team, pool, gym… everywhere and to everyone.

Questions Matthew 28:18-20 can answer

  1. Who is under Jesus’ rule and authority? Who is King (I mean really King)?

  2. As believers, what does Jesus command us to do since he is King?

We have learned in our time in Romans 9 of the peace knowing that God is sovereign over all. This too is our confidence as we go to spread the gospel and make disciples. Jesus is King with ALL authority in HEAVEN, AND ON EARTH. He tells us it is by grace through faith alone that we are saved. This faith comes by hearing the word. It is his Spirit which brings us to life that we may receive the word and then moves his people to spread the word. Remember that those who are aware of just how much grace has been given them eagerly want to share it with others. So do you see this church??? He saves us fully without any work of our own and then empowers us through his spirit to want and be able to obey his command of making disciples He goes before us and leads us to his sheep which he brings to life. It is all him. Every bit of it. All glory is to God alone. We are simply the vessels which he created to enact and fulfill his will and lavishly display his character. This spread will be like the leaven in the lump, like the mustard seed that grew into a tree. The gates of hell will not, cannot prevail against it. Of the increase of this kingdom and of peace, there is no end. So earth, and church, RECEIVE YOUR KING. God saves sinners, so go spread the Gospel and get them, church. Until next time, may God richly bless you by the grace and mercy won by Jesus Christ!

In Christ,

Adam and Audra Griffin

Family Ministries

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