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Mexico, here we come!! Nov 20- 23

Want to know more about why we go to Mexico to build relationships and houses? Please watch the video below first and then read the amazing story below. You will be ready to pack your bags and join us in November!

It started with a photo, and a flier. The photo to the left and the flyer below. We met Ramon on October 26, 2018 thanks to our dear sister Monica and her faithful husband Isaac. They work with 1Mission in the area of town where Ramon’s mother lived. Ramon and Olivia have two children and a baby on the way. We were blessed to meet them and work with them to build a house with them to provide a place for them to live.

When we arrived we found Ramon laying in a car as he just returned from getting his Chemotherapy. He was sick from the Chemo and throwing up, but refused to stand by while we helped build his home with him.

To make matters worse, Olivia left him after telling him the baby she had was not his. Snider and Kimberly their two children, were living with Ramon’s mom when we came to visit them and Ramon.

Monica and Isaac were relentless in their faith and determined to love Ramon through this most difficult time in his life. Pedro and Susana also never gave up their faith and hope to help Ramon, physically and spiritually.

Fast forward to Sunday, July 19, 2020. We received word that Ramon had accepted Christ

been baptized.

Halleluiah, praise Jesus!

All this time we had prayed God would heal Ramon.

On Friday July 24, 2020 God healed Ramon, by taking him home. Ramon is in heaven because he accepted the free gift God gives us. The gift of salvation by grace. All we have to do is accept this gift, confess, and believe. Ramon accepted, confessed, and believed and 5 days later went home to Heaven to be with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

By going on the trip in October of 2018, God allowed our group to witness what He was going to do. He allowed us to pray, to weep, to find joy, and to have hope. He allowed us to suffer with our brother through physical and spiritual ailments. We witnessed God make Ramon’s joy complete in saving him, even at the very last moment.

So, I challenge you. Are you ready to witness what God is doing? Are you willing to have your eyes opened to God’s power, and grace in real life, that you may see it with your eyes? Are you willing to be part of the story He is telling through you, to your family, friends and coworkers?

If you answered yes, join us on a mission trip and see how God moves! If you are unable to join us, pray about supporting this trip to allow others to witness what God is doing!

Mexico Nov 2020 trip information
Download PDF • 384KB

In Christ,

Chad Ryan

Please call me, text me, or email me if you have any questions.

Have Faith…Or Be Eaten…

Daniel 6:22

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