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Jonah - the reluctant disciple

We begin Jonah this Sunday Lord willing! I am excited to see how the Holy Spirit uses this 6-week series in our hearts to help us be on Christ's mission of making disciples and planting churches.

I want to ask you to do 2 things:

Take 10 minutes and watch this video that shares the story of Jonah and helps show what the point of the story is.

Read through Jonah at least twice between now and Sunday. It is only 4 short chapters. You can do it!

Here is the outline for the 6 weeks the Lord has planned:

9.6 - Jonah 1.1–17

Jonah — Running in the Wrong Direction

9.13 - Jonah 1.17–2.10

Jonah — Nowhere Else to Turn

9.20 - Jonah 3.1–3.10

Jonah — Caught, Convicted, and Converted by a God Who Cares

9.27 - Jonah 4.1–4

Jonah — Refusing to See and Share the Grace of God

10.4 - Jonah 4.5–8

Jonah — Moved by the Moment but not by Mercy

10.11 - Jonah 4.9–11

Jonah — Mirroring the Heart of Our Master


All Church Retreat — “Come Follow Me...”

Looking forward to being TOGETHER with you all this weekend.

MUCH love!


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