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It's time for a change...

And [all God’s people] said, “Let us rise up and build.” So they strengthened their hands for the good work. — Nehemiah 2:18

What is it that motivates people to change?

Are you ready for a change? Yes?

Then God has you right where He wants you.

And HE will empower YOU to be His instrument of change

in a world that needs to see the glory of God's people

doing battle His way on His behalf.

We are just starting what is sure to be a wonderful time in Nehemiah. Come be part of this POWER-FILLED TIME

where we will see...

  • Recommitment of their covenant relationships w/ God and each other

  • Restoration of relationships

  • Renewal of real worship

  • Remembering their role as a light to the world

What can prayer do? All that God wills!

Please join us at 10am!!!


Remember, you can listen to and watch the past Messages on our website or on iTunes.

IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN PERSON, please join us on our YouTube Channel:


We will NO LONGER BE USING ZOOM for our Sunday streaming!

Our YouTube and Facebook Live feeds have MUCH better quality & are more user-friendly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It looks like the LORD has answered our prayers and we will be able to stay in our current location until at least the end of MARCH!!!!

MUCH love! I'm excited to walk WITH Him on this new adventure He leads us into.

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28


Live today for what matters FOREVER!

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