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Have you ever played Human Foosball?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Human Foosball Court

Greetings Cornerstone FRamily (and for those that might not know what FRamily means – friends that are family). Have you ever been part of a Human Foosball game? What’s that you ask? Well, plan to attend our 2020 Cornerstone Church All Church Retreat and you will get a chance to find out. But to help you guess, here is a picture of the “court” it is played on.

To say that 2020 has been a year of changes would of course be a major understatement. But we can all rejoice knowing that God is still on His throne. One of those changes for 2020 is a new location for our All Church Retreat. After 7 years at Friendly Pines, we will move to Prescott Pines Christian Camp. We will be up on the hill Oct 17th – 18th. As in the past, we will ask you to hopefully begin arriving around 9:30 on Saturday morning and have everyone together for lunch around noon.

Open Yurt Style lodginng

They have a wonderful camp with many sleeping options for our group including “Open Yurt Style lodging” (pictured right) for the more adventurous, to a group of “family bedrooms” in a larger “cabin”.

As many of you already know, in the past we have always had “exclusive use” of the Friendly Pines camp. Right now, Prescott Pines is only operating at 50% of their 300 person capacity. What does that mean for us? If we can get 150 people to commit to retreat, we could have “exclusive use” of Prescott Pines. So, we need you to reach out to others in your circle who may be desiring this kind of fellowship for a weekend and INVITE them to JOIN YOU and us at retreat. Pricing information is below, and we are not asking for payment yet, and more details will be coming, BUT WE DO NEED TO KNOW IF YOU PLAN ON COMING AND HOW MANY ARE IN YOUR GROUP! So, we need you to send an email to with that information ASAP. And if you come across those in your circle that would like to join us, send that information as well.

Let’s pack the place out!


Saturday night and 4 meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast/lunch)

Age 12+ $50.00/per person

Age 6 – 11 $35.00/per person

Age 3-5 $15.00/per person

Age 0-2 free

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