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God's Rules Reign!

There are lots of people out there that claim to have authority. And, if we are honest, WE are each our own 'great authoritarian' that not only wants to make our own rules, but want to make everyone else live by them too. It is God's rules that reign.


This Sunday we start Romans 7 and we see what the purpose and point of the Scriptures truly is. We invite you to come and see!

Here is a fundamental truth about us as humans— what we fixate on, we migrate towards. So if your life is not where Christ would have it, maybe you are fixating on the wrong things.

But now we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the written code. — Romans 7:6

The amazing Letter of Romans is God's clearest articulation, and Paul's great dissertation, on God's awesome plan of salvation.

This letter tells us exactly why we see all that is going on in the world, what God has done about it, and what our role is.

Invite others into this walk WITH you through these anchors of the Christian faith by simply telling them to "Come and see..." what God has to say.

You can listen to|watch the Messages on our website or on iTunes or Spotify.

IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN PERSON, please join us on our YouTube Channel OR ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

21469 N. 78th Ave. Suite #150

Peoria, AZ 85382


God is using this glorious mess to show us what church can be!

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28


Live today for what matters FOREVER!

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