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FRamily Gathering Thursday @ 6:30p via Zoom

Let's get TOGETHER to be encouraged!!!

Greetings again Cornerstone FRamily and grace upon grace!

I know that today's impromptu prayer gathering was really short notice for most of us. For that I do apologize. But for those that could gather, seeing and hearing one another, praying and reading the Word together, SO ENCOURAGED our souls to focus on Him during our time of fasting.

I would like to invite you to join TOGETHER tomorrow evening from 6:30-7:30p for a time of encouragement. The Zoom link for the meeting is below, as is the general Zoom login directions I sent out for today's meeting. 

Bring a verse or a passage to speak over God's people and/or something that the Spirit revealed to you as you pressed into Him in prayer and fasting today. I KNOW you will be strengthened through this. I truly hope to SEE YOU tomorrow. 

Cornerstone Church is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: April 2nd FRamily Time Time: Apr 2, 2020 06:30 PM Arizona Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 794 308 6159

MUCH love! 


Zoom may be familiar to many of you. It was not to me until this season we are in now. But it is as great way to see and hear each other in this time of ’social distancing.’ It is cross-platform (all smart-phones and computers) and user friendly. We will use it more and more in the coming weeks as I, and your other leaders, learn to use it for small group gatherings and corporate calls to prayer as well. It is worth some of your time to download it on your ‘devices’ so we can stay connected. IT IS FREE and you do not need to do much to set it up. Since the church has now has a paid account (thank you Pastor Jeff!!!), we can have up to 300 people in a meeting and there is no time limit. Go here to learn more.

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