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Elder Chat - March 2023

We have spent the month walking with Paul through Romans. The picture perfectly embodies this journey so far! Paul has taken us through the expression of purposeful unity and encouragement found in chapter 12, sprinkling the call to action he ramped us up to the first eleven chapters.

What are you doing with this in your life today? We talk a lot about "redemptive community" at CrossTrain Church, but how does sitting back down with knowledge after standing up for the Gospel show anyone anything? The answer is as plain for us as it was for the Roman Christians to whom Paul was writing.

We need to get busy looking for avenues of expression to let the love that binds be shown in purposeful action amongst ourselves and certainly within our community.

So, don't wait! Join us on Sunday at 10am to learn how to take head knowledge and heart knowledge and put it into action walked out into the lives of people!

Bound with you for the Kingdom,

- Jeff

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