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Elder Chat - April 2023

by Elder Jeff Daukas

This month's recap starts with the explanation of the picture above - JESUS SAVES! We celebrated our Savior's resurrection and ascension to His rightful place in Heaven through April. We held a good Friday service first to recognize the somberness and cost of what Jesus went through. Everyone who was there will always have the picture of our "sin cards" nailed on the cross burning in the kettle after. There IS power in the blood! Never forget that without our secure faith in this TRUTH our faith is worthless, the Apostle Paul says.

Our little church's walls then swelled with the people who attended to worship and be a part of focal point of why we are Christian. We gave praise and worship and then got to celebrate the public profession of faith through Baptisms conducted! Three were scheduled, BUT GOD moved His Spirit on a woman WHO GOT BAPTIZED IN HER DRESS CLOTHES to identify with the God she loves! AMAZING!!!

Elders brought Michelle Bowes, Chris and Angela Hurtado, Emily Ruiz, and Brittney Hall from above the water in private faith to rising from the water to publicly love Jesus! I can speak for the Elders when I say that is one of the most incredible things to be a part of!

This was what the Lord meant when He gave to His disciples the Great Commission. While as a reformed church we do not acknowledge that baptism plays a part in anyone's salvation, it is one of the two clear commands of obedience in Scripture given by Jesus. We celebrate the other command - communion - almost every other Sunday.

The First Game Night

We also held the first (of hopefully many) CrossTrain Church Game Nights this month! We packed the front part of the church with serious adult gamers...OK, maybe not THAT serious...

Pastor Doug, Luke, Elder-elder John, and Abby. Pastor Doug looks like this because he can't figure out the game Luke and Abby mastered in five minutes :)

Elder RJ, Mrs. Holly, Mimi, and Emma getting their stories straight in Apples to Apples. Yes, Emma is probably in the lead which is why she's smiling

(Facing) Unbelievably patient-with-new-husband Kailee, and Kerry, (Back) Crazy Zach

Doesn't even matter what their playing at this point :)

What are you waiting for?!?!?!
Join a group of people in community doing life to celebrate the Savior together!
CrossTrain Church
Service: Sundays 10am

Elder Jeff

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