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Come get some skills...

Registration is open for our 8th Annual Marriage Retreat at the Boulders. This is one of the best things we do as a FRamily. And this year will be one of the BEST. We already have many people signed up and the deadline for registration isn't until July 26th.


This year we have Dan and Jeanne Lind from Faith Bible (retired) teaching on A Skillful Marriage. Three skills-oriented sessions are sure to be fun and packed full of ways to help see your marriage flourish. And we build in lots of 'retreat time' for you to enjoy the beautiful room and grounds as you spend time together.

We are excited to see how God moves this year. Last year 2/3 of the 130 attendees were not from CrossTrain. Everyone is welcome. CrossTrain underwrites some of the cost because we have a strong desire to see marriages strengthened by giving couples time to relax, enjoy an amazing setting, and learn some practical skills for making their marriage show the world God has a better way. 


Help spread the word. And be in prayer for this event.


The cost is $90/person and covers everything but your meals. CLICK HERE to find out more detail and to register. THIS IS THE BEST STAY-CATION YOU COULD TAKE. Trust me!

Hope to see you there! MUCH love and keep looking UP!


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