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Celebrate the Seder TOGETHER

God's STORY cannot be STOPPED!!!!

Greeting Faith Family and GRACE upon GRACE to you. These are surely interesting, BUT NOT UNCERTAIN, times. As Bible-believing Christians, we are CERTAIN of our salvation and sanctification and have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in His story!

God has been telling a story of redemption and restoration since the fall in the Garden. We regularly walk through it together as we gather; and THIS COMING SUNDAY will be no exception. Few things tell His gospel story like the Passover Seder. It comes from 4 “I will…” statements found in Exodus 6:

‘I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will deliver you from their bondage. I will also redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. Then I will take you for My people, and I will be your God... — Exodus 6:6–7

Do you see the beauty of the Gospel in these 2 verses? THAT is what we will look at in our celebration of the Seder. We have been celebrating the Seder together for 7 years and we are not going to let COVID-19 stop us now! The Passover begins on Wednesday April 8th (a day of partial fasting for us as a FRamily), but we will teach on the Seder message on Sunday April 5th as a way to help you prepare your hearts for Resurrection Week — April 6th thru April 12th.

Your church leadership has worked tirelessly to come up with a way that we can assist you in not just hearing about the seder, but participating in it in tangible ways that still maintain the safety guidelines we are desiring to adhere to.

To that end, Pastor Jeff has put together ‘Seder Kits’ to make this as easy as possible. You can pick up a kit on the porch of the following locations:

Troyer’s — 7403 W. Abraham Ln., 85308 (75th and Deer Valley)

Abney’s — 8219 W. Via Montoya Dr., 85383 (83rd and Deer Valley)

Daukas’s — 17658 N. 113th Ave., 85378 (115th and Bell)

Edward’s — 5204 W Waltann Ln., 85306 (51st and Greenway)

They are in packets of 2 & 4 so you can take what you need for your family. We’d love for you to use this as a way to invite another family into the experience with you (if you are comfortable with that).

The message on Sunday will walk through the Seder story in a gospel-centered way that is INCREDIBLE APPLICABLE for today. You will not want to miss it. The teaching and music should be uploaded by Saturday evening and ready for you on Sunday April 5th so we can enjoy the Seder together. We will post it and email you the links when they are ready. Pick up your kit and prepare your heart!

Any questions? Contact one of your church shepherds.

His grace, peace and power be WITH you.


Pastor Doug

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