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Be Ready! Be Prepared!

Be honest. You wish you were here now. Picture no noise, no social media, no inflation, no violence. Alone with the Lord, your family, and maybe some friends.

Now, Welcome Back

We don't live there, we live here...wherever "here" is for you. But how many of us (I'm speaking to myself now) fixate our mind on that picture instead of the reality of the world around us. To be clear: Jesus is Lord and is coming soon! But again and again in Scripture, He calls us to Be Ready and Be Prepared! So, I am offering tips to follow to be obedient in this area.


  1. A well-stocked first aid kit, tourniquet, and bleed control tactics at hand are all faster than waiting for EMS to arrive after calling 911.

  2. Fire doesn't care what political party you are, what faith you follow, or if you've had a COVID shot. Have appropriate fire department-rated fire extinguishers strategically placed around your home, garage, and vehicles.

  3. Conduct safety drills for emergency situations. Rehearse what you will do before you need to do it! You will not rise to the occasion - You will sink to your training!

  4. Heart disease wipes out more people each year than gunfire. Get a full physical with an EKG and appropriate blood work. Make health a regular routine that your kids inherent like they do your time in the Word every day.

  5. Your entire family needs to know basic first aid and CPR. Again, in crisis you may be the lifeline your loved one reaches for!


  1. Think of the Home list. Where are these tools around you? If you don't know, then you can't use them when needed.

  2. If you see something out of the ordinary, say something to someone. Cops, firefighters, and doctors all thank you ahead of time for vigilance!

  3. Arizona = hot. Water = cool. Always have some water with you wherever you go. Short trips turn into long delays instantaneously. Be Prepared.

  4. EDC stands for "everyday carry." What you have is all you get. A pocket flashlight, pocketknife, small first aid kit, ChapStick, and a mirror are what NASA would list as the most important for civilians anywhere. (Mirror? You can signal in daylight up to five miles away!)

  5. Extra. Extra batteries for flashlights, extra road flares in your car, an extra heavy blanket (change a tire in July in Arizona without it once and you will understand), an extra charging cube for a cell phone. Two is one, one is none!

This list is by all means not exhaustive. But with a little investment of time and money you will be amazed at how much more ready and prepared you will become! And you will be the advocate for others in these small ways that could actually save someone's life. Tell me a better way to spread the Gospel than as someone Ready and Prepared!

For Him,

Jeff Daukas

Elder/Shepherd/Police Officer

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