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Hi CrossTrain Family!

Audra Griffin here from Family Ministry. I wanted to share these 9 photos originally on a post from the Gospel Coalition. Here you will find some practical reminders and tools about how we can get our kids' hearts and minds (and honestly, our hearts and minds) on Jesus as we are trying to get out the door on Sunday morning. We've all experienced those Sundays when it feels like we're herding cats instead of children! Like, a lot of cats... who can't find their shoes or matching socks or clothes sometimes! And let's be honest, at times it is so hard to have patience and gentleness in those situations. I know I've had to humbly ask for forgiveness from my family on the drive to church because Mom lost her cool!

As we enter this coming weekend I hope you'll look at these simple ways that can truly help to focus our attention and hearts on Jesus even in the midst of Sunday morning shenanigans! Some take five minutes and can be done as you're helping your kids to put on the shoes that they finally found. Have a longer drive to church? Or are you actually able to sit down for breakfast as a family? Implement one of these ideas with your kids! Set some routines that can take anywhere from five minutes to 30 minutes and see how these simple things transform your families' Sunday morning. Furthermore, see how they transform your kids' hearts and focus while sitting at church. I know without a doubt these will help your heart be more ready to receive the word on Sunday as you look at your precious kids- even if they are sitting there wearing mismatched socks!

Have a blessed day!

To God Be The Glory,

Audra Griffin

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