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4th of July Sermon Message

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Hello CrossTrain Church!!!

Here is a more in-depth breakdown on what to expect for this coming weekend with church service. We are having a 3-part connected "webinar-style" series. Based on the main topic, E Pluribus Unum, I will lead a guided exploration over three days on how this thought highlights how the Lord is bringing unity through the world's diversity.

Here's what you need to know. Thursday night go to one of the three provided links to connect to the message. All three parts will be recorded and posted to these different outlets. Click on the links below as you see fit, and they will direct you to the message.

Go to for the website!

Check us out through Facebook!

Look us up on our YouTube Channel!

These links will set you up to watch, listen, and dive into discussions throughout the weekend with your friends and family as we celebrate how the Lord gave us independence from religious oppression to worship Him as we must!

Check out this link on Thursday night to download "Today's Training Plan" notes to follow along with the message each day. This takes you to the main Resources page. Click on the Connecting Points button to download and/or print the notes. I will have all three main points listed and space will be left for talking points to work through as you find most relevant to your FRamily discussion throughout the weekend!

God Bless you all, and I encourage you to SHARE this information with your friends and family as an outreach. Or even listen to each message together over dinner as a devotional. Find a way to intentionally interact with God's Word and people, and watch how the Spirit moves through it all!


Jeff Daukas


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