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DON’T MISS OUT on What’s Happening

 Mark your calendars NOW:​​​​​​

                                  ​            ​​     

  • 1st Sunday Fellowship Meal SUNDAY 2/4 after service. Bring something to share and a new person to share it with. 80% of people would come to church if someone they knew and trusted invited them.

  • AsSisters Women’s Gathering Join us 2/17 9am-11am


  • D-Groups Get engaged in a Discipleship group. Making disciples is the mission. We can help. Kingdom living is meant to be done together. So stay awhile after service today and get to know someone new and ask if they are in a group. If not, consider starting one!

  • TGC Conference Brave in Babylon 4/12-4/13 Visit our Church calendar here to sign up. Early bird registration through 2/16.  ​

Visit our CALENDAR page for more details

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