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advancing the kingdom by training people to teach God's truth in redemptive community

Training people to teach God's truth in the context of
redemptive community
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Reading God's Word

Connect to Christ.

If we had to define our walk with God in a word, it would be relationship.
God wants relationship with His children. He sent His Son to die to make that relationship a reality for those who have come to put their faith and trust in Him. Are you connected to Christ? Staying connected to Christ daily through His Word is something we greatly value. Do you have a time, and place and a plan to daily stay connected to Christ by reading and responding to the Word?

Cornerstone Church FRamily

Be in community.

We were created for community. 
God saved us out of judgement and into His family. There is no room in scripture for the disconnected Christian. Everyone in the FRamily [friends that are family = the bride we call CrossTrain] should be in regular relationship with others. Our training environments for this are what we call D-Groups - discipleship groups. We will read and respond to the same daily readings with those we walk through life with in and out of the faith family. EVERYONE should be in one or more D-Groups as the Holy Spirit leads us into deeper relationship and conversation. 


Engage in the call.

The call to make disciples in not optional.

CrossTrain Church exists to train people to teach God's truth in the context of redemptive community. God does not bless us with salvation and overwhelm us with His grace simply so we can be comfortable, but so that we can put Him on display. Are you willing to answer His call by engaging with currently disconnected [from Christ and His church] people you could lead to becoming born again believers in Jesus connected to loving community FRamily of God? 

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