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Update - Summer Book Studies

Hi, FRamily!

We have a few more days until the summer studies begin this coming Saturday morning. Remember, guys meet at 6a-7a to walk through 12 Ordinary Men, and the women are set to meet from 8a-9a to study 12 Extraordinary Women. Get with Jeff Daukas at the snappy new email of, or with Brandy Daukas at, if you want to be involved in either group. We will meet in classrooms across the parking lot from where we meet for church on Sundays. Directly behind the administration building in a sunken courtyard area is where it is located. People will be available to direct! Be early!

If you need a book, Amazon orders are delayed. Try to find a book locally while you wait! REGARDLESS, COME ANYWAYS!!!

You can use Amazon's "look inside" feature to read the preface and introduction for each book. Both studies are opening this way as a way to begin and set the tone on the correct first step.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Jeff Daukas


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