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Update and encouragement for 5.3

Greetings and grace to you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ! I pray this Monday finds you in joyful anticipation of all that is in store for us as we live in the reality of what is already finished and the hope of all that will be done when He comes again! First, I just want to say HOW VERY PROUD OF EACH OF YOU I am! Truly. You have proven yourselves to be the most loving, gracious, FLEXIBLE faith family I know. In a time of unprecedented changes and ‘potentials’ for conflict, you have stayed the course and stayed true to the Savior and His bride. He sees and He smiles. THANK YOU! We are blessed. I know that our current gathering situation is far less than ideal. Bless your hearts for even showing up. Rest assured that progress is being made on the new location as we speak. Things are looking very favorable with the City (the power of prayer!). Keep praying for the sub-contractors to come on board and move quickly. The pace of all construction is very slow as both labor and parts are in short supply. We are moving forward as quickly as we can. We will keep you updated as there is new information to share. 1 Peter has been a powerfully convicting and timely Word from the Lord. I know the teaching is not ‘easy and light’ as I feel the weight of what Peter is calling us to as well. Remember, you are DEEPLY LOVED of God as you live as hope filled exiles in a foreign land. But you are a CHOSEN race, a ROYAL priesthood, a HOLY nation, a people for His PRIZED POSSESSION. So let us proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of the darkness and into His marvelous light! I never even go to the Table Talk question as the Spirit orchestrated our time together yesterday. I know it is on the Bulletin, but I wanted to send it here and HUMBLY SUGGEST THAT YOU MAKE THE TIME TO TALK WITH OTHERS ABOUT THIS! I believe that our ability to break through this barrier is the secret to living the way Peter commanded us yesterday.

Table Talk Question

How do you respond when you perceive you have been wronged? How does all you see as wrong in the world lead you to feel and respond? How do these align with God’s Word and with the Savior’s will for you? What’s the solution? (Related aside: Now how do you respond when you are the wrong one?)

Beloved of God, keep pressing in and pressing on together with Christ. Let our witness show His WITHness! MUCH love and keep looking UP! - Luke 21.28 doug

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