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The Holy Spirit's plan for our gathering on June 14th

Here is what the Holy Spirit is putting together for our gathered time tomorrow.

Here I AM! - the coming of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit is really redefining our space, getting us out of our comfort zone and out of the way, and helping us meet with Him as we meet together. We have seen Him as:

  • Power within you!

  • Present among you!

And tomorrow we see Him that He wants to be:

  • Proclaimed Through You!

The question we will discuss together is:

How does the Holy Spirit give us power to reveal God’s glory?

And our path through the passage will be:

  • Overcoming our obstacles

  • And doing the miraculous

  • That we might share God’s story

We will have a time of prayer and confession; of praise and worship in song; or teaching and discussion at tables; of Kingdom proclamation at the Lords Table; and of sweet fellowship together.

Remember, we are providing HOT DOGS, CHIPS AND SNOW CONES!

You has complete FREEDOM in Christ to come and go; wear masks or not…; hug or not... so walk in it.

We are till Zooming (check your email for the link) and we are also on live-streaming on our YouTube Channel.

Most of all PRAY WITH ME that the our time together would see this happen:

And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness. — Acts 4:31

MUCH love!



10:00am - Worship in Prayer & Song

(Music and Prayer to expand our hearts for the church, other churches, each other, healing)

10:30am - Calling Passage, Pastoral Prayer, Praise

(Music, Gospel Moment, Body Life, Calling)

11:00am - Teaching/Discussion Time

(Teaching from God’s Word with time to talk at tables)

11:40am - Communion

(Prayer, Music, and the Lord's Table)

11:55am - Sending

(We gather to go out in His power to be His glory-revealers)

12:00pm - Fellowship 

(Place for Bible/Book Study, Prayer, Craft, Games, Bring a lunch)

*All times are approximate - Tear Down at 1:00pm (We could use your help!)

We are ZOOMING LIVE for our services and on YouTube

We are also recording and uploading the Sunday message by early in the week.

SUNDAY, June 14th, we will be providing hotdogs 🌭, chips, water bottles and snow ❄️ cones at Noon. So invite someone to come be part of something different as we step into this glorious mess together.

Some pictures of where we will gather through June.

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