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Prayer for Pakistan


Faith family, even as we prepare to gather this Sunday to look at 'The Persecution of the King', and perhaps we even lament the 'persecution' we are sensing towards us in our own culture, let us REMEMBER and PRAY FOR our dear brothers and sisters in Pakistan who are undergoing GREAT PERSECUTION.

Pakistan is one of the top two or three most hostile nations to live in as a follower of Jesus. And recently, there has been a radical increase in persecution against our ministry friends who live there. Remember, as a Christian, you have more in common with your believing brother and sister in Pakistan than you do with your unsaved sibling.

Through your generosity, the church is sending $1000 to help with relief in this time. However, it is difficult for the church to get money into the country without the government freezing the funds. If you feel led to give individually above and beyond what CrossTrain is doing, please reach out to Jamie and she can fill you in on how that can be done:

A post and some images from Numan in Pakistan follow:

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