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Let's stay Connected in His Word

A personal favor from your pastor

Does the image above look familiar? IT SHOULD! It is the daily devotion we send out early each morning. We are a people who have a high view of God and hold a high view of His Word as well. And we believe that not only reading, but engaging with the Word each day, is the key to living the power-filled life He promises in His Spirit. For the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to transform the people of God into the image of the Son of God.

This time of 'social distancing' means we need to find different ways to connect — ways that matter and make for meaningful conversation. That is where the In the Word Today comes in. This short, daily devotional will not only help you read and respond to His Word, it will remind you of the ideas discussed in Sunday's message (to help you keep the conversation going with God), AND it will get us all reading the SAME passages on the SAME day. This gives you wonderful opportunities to have discussions with others around the question, "What did you get out of the reading today?" This can happen with those at your dinner table or through a text message. And the Daily Prayer Pointers get us all praying the SAME thing on the SAME day too.

It's all right there in your Inbox each morning! It could not be easier to connect with others around the Word of God. And, in this time where the enemy wants you and your FRamily to feel isolated, it has never been more important to make this happen. If you do not receive these devotionals, I'm asking you to go sign up right now as a personal favor to me. BUT YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP! I cannot do it for you. It's so simple. Here is how:

Goto our website and on the bottom of the Homepage you will see the information below. Just fill it in and you are on your way to being connected. Then get started Reading and Responding to His word and sharing what the Spirit has shown you with those around you.

My dear faith family, I long to be together again. And we know the day will be here soon. But until then, don't let the enemy let you wonder away. Fight to STAY CONNECTED. I believe that, if you will respond to this request, and do and use the Daily Readings, you will experience the blessing of His presence like never before; and we will be a stronger church in the end.

Much MUCH love in Christ.

Pastor Doug

Keep Looking UP! Luke 21:28

To God be the glory! To the Son be the point!! To the Spirit be dependent!!!

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