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Helping our FRamily in Costa Rica

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Even though we cannot send socks, underwear and toys to our ministry partners in Costa Rica (with any assurance they will get there due to COVID) we are still going to bless them as the Lord has blessed us! So be sure to join us! BE the BLESSING this Christmas! Let's show 2020 it's got NOTHING on stopping the gospel going forward!!!

Grab a ticket and they decide what they want to sponsor. (See the pictures below)

Kids have their own options so they can use their own money and only have to spend a few bucks. We are providing funding for the Feeding Center meals. Because schools are closed, this may be the only meal these children get all week. And/Or you can supply socks and underwear or toys for  five children.  The tickets and money will be collected over the next three Sundays and then by the end of the third week of November we will be sending the money down to Costa Rica along with the information on what the church FRamily wanted to provide.

All collections are DUE BACK TO THE CHURCH by no later than November 15th. You can also give ONLINE! Just let us know what it is for!

Faith family, I am beyond proud to be called the pastor of our little flock. Your grace and commitment, even in these crazy times is overwhelming and an amazing testimony. I have NO DOUBT you will go above and beyond in this effort as well.

MUCH love!


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