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Helping feed the most vulnerable in Costa Rica.

YOU, through your generous giving to Cornerstone Church, recently sent an additional $1,000 to Christian Light Foundation Costa Rica/Mark & Meg Kuzdas in addition to our monthly gift, to help the feeding center during these crazy times. Here is Mark’s note of reply.

Dear Cornerstone,

Yes, trying times indeed. The “quarantine in your house” order that was given on March 23 in Costa Rica, like in many places in the world, is not the same for every family. Those most vulnerable in our ministry areas struggle day to day to meet basic needs in the best of times. Today, the need is critical. The children’s feeding center is just about the only area of the ministry that the government has given specific permission to operate so some of the kids continue to get a hot lunch there. However, there are those that parents are not allowing to leave the house attempting to follow the quarantine order. Our Street Evangelism Team has stepped up to the task of delivering grocery bags to those families and praying with each one and sharing the gospel since some are not church families. A few days ago 35 families received the food and were personally prayed for.

The additional donation from Cornerstone will go directly to feeding those that are most critical.

May God be glorified, and may there be those that come to know Jesus as Savior and follow Him even in the midst of the chaos.

Thank you and God bless you!

Mark Kuzdas

Christian Light Foundation Costa Rica / New Life Church

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