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He is still the ONE Calling You Into Relationship

Updated: May 25, 2020

How does it look to answer His relational call?

  • Our foundation for relationships

  • The practice field of relationships

  • God’s glory through relationships

"Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity...."

— Colossians 3:14

This Sunday we finish the series, I still AM!” we have been going through as a way to remember WHO our REDEEMER is to us. He died for relationship with you and is dying to see you in relationship with His other children. Someday soon He will return and we will all be gathered together forever. Until then, let us long to be together even now!

So please join me on Sunday as we ‘gather’ and don’t just watch the message — ENGAGE in our whole worship experience — prayer, singing, teaching time, discussion questions — with us. Here are ALL the resources you need to fully WORSHIP this Sunday:

  • Weekly PRE-SERVICE WORSHIP IN PRAYER from 9:30-10am. (check you email for Zoom Link invitation)

  • MUSIC — the Music Team is uploading 3-4 songs with lyrics each week. You can play this recording by going to our Cornerstone Church AZ YouTube channel. I know your soul will be nourished and your heart prepared to hear His Word.

  • LEADER HELPS — (under Handouts) this document has a suggested flow for worship including Bible readings and additional discussion questions for you and for children, and NOW even weekly activities.

  • CONNECTING POINTS - has all the usual ingredients: Daily Readings, Prayer Pointers, Table Talk Questions

  • BULLETIN - stay up to date on all that is happening

  • KID’S CONNECT - help keep your kids focused on the Lord

  • MESSAGE - via the church Message Page or directly from Cornerstone Church AZ YouTube channel.

  • And join us via ZOOM on Wednesdays from 6-7pm as we gather around The Troyer Dinner Table for Worship and the Word each week between now and Pentecost on May 31st. (Check you email for Zoom Link invitation and find out more about the plan HERE)

MUCH love! And miss you MUCH!


Stay tuned for some EXCITING NEWS regarding our gathering together NEXT weekend May 31st FOR REAL! We have been praying for provision for a place to meet on Pentecost. And the Spirit led us to a wonderful facility that is large and open and clean and perfect for us to gather in whatever way you feel comfortable. So please pray about joining us. We will meet at the Southwest Indian Ministry Center on 73rd Ave just north of Thunderbird. More details will be coming soon! And INVITE those people the Lord has used this time to connect you to to invite them into our FRamily Gathering.

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