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Glory in our Re-Gathering

Tomorrow, May 31st, we Re-Gather after 11 weeks away!

When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. — Acts 2.1–2

Let’s remember that this in not about being IN church but being WITH people because God’s people gathered invites the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit to be made manifest in a way that only the gathering can.

THIS Sunday, May 31st we are meeting in the gym building at the Southwest Indian Ministries Center located at 73rd Ave and Thunderbird beginning at 10am. (Be sure to enter off of Thunderbird road regardless of what your navigation program tells you. SEE PICS BELOW to help you find your way).

As I have shared in my previous posts over the past few weeks, there are many concerns that come with the decision to Re-Gather — masks or no masks, hugs or no hugs, music or no music, communion on no communion... There is only ONE right answer to all of these questions —

We will lead with love and extend great grace!

Practically this requires 2 things to occur simultaneously among us:

1.) We will kill criticism, judgmentalism and assumptions. So rather than judge others’ actions, let’s commit to sharing in each others’ stories.

2.) We will practice the freedom that we have been given in Christ and fight back our tendency to live in the ‘fear-of-man’ in worrying about what others may think of us. So, rather than worry about the opinion of others, rest in what you have been led by the Spirit to do to please God.

I also know there are a few understandable questions about how the gatherings will look moving forward. WE will figure it out TOGETHER as the Spirit leads us into this space He has prepared us for in these weeks away. We simply want to give the Spirit the space, and you the freedom, to worship God as His gathered people. (If you have ideas that will help, please share them with me).

Here is a ‘sense’ of what we see happening tomorrow:

10:00am Worship in Prayer

10:30am Worship in Song

10:45am Calling Passage and Pastoral Prayer

10:55am Gospel Moment and Prayer

11:00am Worship in Song

11:10am Teaching/Discussion Time

12:00pm Worship in Communion

12:10pm Worship in Song

12:20pm Announcements and Sending Passage

12:30pm Worship in Fellowship (IF you want, bring your own lunch and stay to eat and catch up with others. However, this is NOT a potluck. Bring food for your family. We will have water bottles available.)

All times and transitions are only approximations to help you plan your day. The desire is to have a seamless discussion together with our God. Please feel free to move in and out of these times whenever you feel comfortable. NO, TRULY. There is NO expectation and MUCH grace to go around here. Come for the whole time or just part of it. And remember to invite others into the FRamily!

I am BEYOND excited to finally be able to Re-Gather tomorrow! I cannot wait to see faces and hear voices my shepherd’s heart has hurt to see. I am joyful in knowing that so many of you have longed for this day that will bring your hearts’ joy. I am looking forward to having my soul reminded of just how good it is to be among God’s gathered people. And MOST OF ALL, I am anxiously anticipating how the Holy Spirit will move in our midst in these coming weeks.

MUCH love! See you tomorrow!


Some pictures of where we will gather on May 31st

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