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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Celebrate the Season! Set your hearts!! See the Savior!!!

ADVENT begins Sunday November 28th.

Christians of earlier generations spoke of “the advent of our Lord” and of “His second advent.” The word ADVENT simply means, “the arrival or coming of a notable person or event.” The 1st Advent refers to God becoming incarnate in Jesus. The 2nd speaks of Jesus’ second coming. Let us focus our hearts on celebrating His First Advent as we set our minds on preparing for His Second Coming. I want to encourage you to use the next four weeks to prepare for His coming. God is shaking the world to wake it up. Let those with eyes to see, SEE; and with ears to hear, HEAR. We have a small Advent Devotional and corresponding Daily Advent Readings available in the lobby. And we have our CrossTrain Christ-Centered Traditions booklet there too. Take advantage of these free resources to help! I have attached the Daily Advent Readings as well to help. (We will still have Daily Readings that go with our I AM series).

Advent is a season of expectation, a time of waiting. At Christmas, we celebrate His first advent even as we await the arrival of His second advent. If you are celebrating Advent this season, here are some suggestions.

Setting up your Advent Wreath and focusing your time:

Set up a wreath and 4 candles to mark each of the 4 Sundays prior to Christmas Day. These candles correspond to that week’s ‘Advent Theme’ of Hope, Love, Peace, Joy. Read a Daily Advent Reading together as you light your candle focus on Christ this Christmas. MUCH love! –doug

2021 Advent Readings
Download PDF • 65KB

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